Client Review #28

I cannot speak highly enough about using Fertility Couriers! Every step of the process was clear and straight forward - which is so important during the chaos and emotional turmoil during fertility treatment. And the pricing was very reasonable. I received my quote within a day of my request, Ty immediately answered every question I had, and took care of all the coordination between the two labs to my relief. Being able to track the transport the day it happened was also very comforting. I’m so grateful we made the choice to let Fertility Couriers handle our precious cargo!

- Client from New York
- Shipment: New York to New York

Client Review #27

I had a wonderful experience with Fertility Couriers and highly recommend their services to anyone who needs their help. They were friendly, professional, extremely responsive, and so helpful throughout the process. They led the efforts with all relevant parties to ensure that our embryos were transported safely to their destination. I am very thankful for Fertility Couriers' help and world-class service.

- Client from New York, NY
- Shipment: New York to New Jersey

Client Review #26

When I was referred to one place to ship my embryos that price was so expensive. So I called around and Fertility Couriers answered quickly even though it was after hours when I called. Fertility Couriers price was so much more affordable than the other places I called. Ty at Fertility Couriers called and emailed during the whole process to keep us informed. I would highly recommend Fertility Couriers.

- Client from Louisiana
- Shipment: Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Client Review #25

Ty was extremely responsive and helpful throughout the whole transport process. Everything flowed seamlessly thanks to his proactivity with both fertility centers. Even after a snag with our doctor and changing where the shipment was going- Ty didn’t bat an eye! Our ‘embabies’ were transported by a trained courier on the same day, where other companies wanted to FedEx our precious cargo. I’m so happy we found Fertility Couriers and absolutely recommend them!

- Client from New York
- Shipment: Paramus, NJ to New York, NY

Client Review #24

Thank you for making this process so easy for us and affordable. From the paperwork to the transport. Everything was seamless.

- Client from New York
- Shipment: Greenwich, CT to New York, NY

Client Review #23

Fertility Couriers are very diligent in following up with all involved parties. Ty made us feel at ease and was in constant communication during the coordination and transfer. The experience was great and we would definitely recommend using them.

- Client from New York, NY
- Shipment: New York, NY to Basking Ridge, NJ

Client Review #22

5 Stars!! Fertility Couriers were very professional in all of our interactions with them. Fertility Couriers kept us up to date on the transfer and we were able to track the shipment in real-time while the shipment was en route to our fertility clinic. We would definitely use them again!

- Client from New Jersey
- Shipment: Basking Ridge, NJ to West Orange, NJ

Client Review #21

I would like to thank Fertility Couriers for their efficiency, diligence, and care. I am truly impressed by your follow ups, professionalism and ability to deliver the shipment on the same day as pick up. Thank you for taking care of us at such a high level.

- Client from New York, NY
- Shipment - New York, NY to Los Angeles, CA

Client Review #20

Fertility Couriers (FC) did an amazing job at transporting our embryos. Everything went perfectly from the first conversation with Ty detailing the entire process until the final drop off. FC handled everything and communicated frequently with us and the fertility clinics, ensuring all paperwork was done and boxes were checked. We were also able to track our driver on delivery day which was comforting. We would definitely use Fertility Couriers again and highly recommend to anyone who needs this service!

- Client from New York, NY
- Shipment: New York, NY to Greenwich, CT

Client Review #19

The team at Fertility Couriers’ was fantastic and made the transport process as easy and seamless as possible. We were able to track the process the whole time and communication with both hospitals and clinics was handled perfectly. Highly recommend!

- Client from New York, NY
- Shipment from New York, NY to Greenwich, CT

Client Review #18

We are so glad we used Fertility Couriers to transport sperm from one clinic in NYC to another. The service was amazing and seamless from start to finish. Their prices are also very competitive. Fertility Couriers was extremely responsive and dealt with all requests expeditiously. They made the process so easy for us and Fertility Couriers will now always be our “go to” fertility courier service.

- Client in New York, NY
- Shipment: New York, NY to New York, NY

Client #17

I’m so glad that we chose Fertility Couriers to transport our “embabies” to our new clinic. Going through IVF is a headache, expensive, and I was extremely anxious about the transport process. However, Ty has made this experience and process seamless from start to finish. Ty kept me updated on all communication to both clinics, and sent me delivery updates while our “embabies” were in route. Ty is extremely responsive, professional and offered great delivery rates compared to other companies. I can’t thank Fertility Couriers enough for safely delivering our “embabies” and making this process seamless.

- Client from Baltimore, MD
- Shipment: Lutherville-Timonium, MD to Towson, MD

Client Review #16

We had an excellent experience with Fertility Couriers from start to finish. Ty and his team made organizing the transport very easy. They communicated with the sending and receiving clinics, alleviating the work from us. The team also communicated with us several times on the day of transport, as well as provided a live tracking system, so that we could feel secure that our embryos were arriving safely. We received many quotes from couriers in the NYC area - Fertility Couriers were extremely affordable. We highly recommend Fertility Couriers and would not hesitate to use them again!

- Client from New York, NY
- Shipment: New York, NY to Greenwich, CT

Client Review #15

The decision to proceed with a transport happened at the last minute, over a 3-day holiday weekend. Despite all of this, Fertility Couriers came through for us with great professionalism. They successfully coordinated all aspects on our behalf. They were accommodating and demonstrated compassion as well as understanding. Highly recommended!

- Client from Greenwich, CT
- Shipment: New York, NY to New York, NY

Client Review #14

I could not say enough on how great my experience was with Fertility Couriers. They were quite a bit more affordable than two other companies that I received quotes from. Ty communicated with me and both facilities every step of the way. He was so involved and informative throughout the entire process. We were updated once our embryos were picked up and again when they were delivered to the new facility. Also, we were able to track them while they were en route. I highly recommend using Fertility Couriers!

- Client from Orlando, FL
- Shipment: Orlando, FL to Winter Park, FL

Client Review #14

If you are at all considering using Fertility Couriers (FC), don't second guess yourself.  This is the company you should go with.  I got quotes from a few others.  FC was the best value and the best in customer service.  Every question and email was answered in a timely fashion, sometimes within a few minutes. I got updates every single step of the way and felt completely secure in the knowledge that our embryos were safe and sound. The staff at the sending and receiving clinics also raved about FC. FC made this process easy and stress free.  To me, that is priceless! I recommend FC without hesitation.

- Client from New York
- Shipment: Lutherville-Timonium, MD to New York, NY

Client Review #13

What a relief that I found Fertility Couriers. When all other transport services were too expensive or not responding, Ty at Fertility Couriers was there to help us transport specimens from Nigeria to New Jersey. I was expecting to have many obstacles to overcome for this shipment, however, Ty took over all of the coordination of the transfer and made this process so easy. Thank you, Fertility Couriers for all your help and for making my dream of having another child a reality.

- Client from New Jersey
- Shipment: Lagos, Nigeria to New Jersey

Client Review #12

Thank you to Fertility Couriers in making the process to transfer our embryos internationally easy and stress-free. When trying to contact someone internationally, it can be difficult to connect. However, when we called Ty at Fertlity Couriers he was always available to take our call or he would return our call within 5-10 minutes after leaving a message. The shipment cleared customs and was delivered within 24 hours to our clinic in Switzerland. We cannot thank Fertilty Couriers enough and we highly recommend their service.

- Client from Switzerland
- Shipment: New York, NY to Geneva, Switzerland

Client Review #11

I can’t say enough about Fertility Couriers and their CEO, Ty
Kaliski. My experience with this company couldn’t have been more
positive, and there were quite a few hiccups they had to roll with
during the process.

My clinic recommended that I go with the most well known courier
company, but when I called them to get a price they were impersonal
and outrageously expensive. When I called Ty's company to get a second
quote there was an immediate difference in the way he communicated
with me.

In my first conversation with Ty, I was blown away by his knowledge of
the industry and compassion for the families in need of his services.
Fertility treatments are emotional and expensive on their own, throw
in the complication and extra expense of transporting embryos from one
clinic to another and it gets pretty overwhelming. He explained
exactly how the process is done and what my options were. He gave me a
quote that was much more reasonable, for exactly the exact same
services the other company provides.

What really stood out to me about Fertility Couriers, and Ty Kaliski,
was the personal attention I got throughout the process. Ty
communicated with me the entire time, cc'ing me his communication with
the clinics, and called me immediately when there were complications.
(We had quite a few delays due to unsigned documents.) I could call Ty
any time with questions or concerns, and he would either answer
immediately or return my call very quickly.

Honestly, I can't recommend this company enough. I felt like my
embryos were in good hands the entire time.

Thanks, Ty! You really did keep me calm during what could have been a
very stressful time.

- Client from CA
- Shipment: San Francisco, CA to Thousand Oaks, CA

Client Review #10

I have been so VERY happy with your services and the care you have put into having our embryos transferred. I can’t say enough about how appreciative I am. I truly appreciate the fact that you kept me in the loop the entire time so I never had to worry about where we were in the process.

- Client from Queens, NY
- Shipment: Cincinnati, OH to New York, NY